What We Do
The center for Space Medical and Medical Resort is the first entity of its kind in the world and brings together faculty, resident, student and staff from multiple departments to contribute cutting-edge advances to science, technology, medicine, education and residential.
What We Want to Achieve
The center’s mission is to be world academic leader in space biomedical research and education and to translate the advances in knowledge and technology to benefit of life on Earth.
Who's Who

Norul Rafidi Zakaria
  Senior Director Spaceport Malaysia
  Founder AMC (Ain International Space Medical Center)

Dato’ Dr. Jimmy Yong Koy Lai (DSSA)
  Medical Management Uni. Malaya, Kuala Lumpur
  PhD Camden University, Florida, USA

Space Economic Consultant
Prof. Patrick Collins
  Azabu University, Japan
  Chairman Society for Space Travel of Japan (SSTJ)



Dr. Patrick Collins is a well-known and respected authority on space economics, space tourism, reusable launch vehicles, and space solar power. He is a professor of economics at Azabu University in Japan and adviser to a number of companies and organizations. 



Jimmy Yong Koi Lai qualified in medicine from Camden University (PhD), Florida, USA and has worked in wide ranging medical and university positions, including radiotherapy, in-patient and Medical Management University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur.
AMC Concept
The Advantage of Zero Gravity & Tranquil Space Environment to  Medical & Health Improvement.