General Key Figures
The idea of AMC is to offer an unique international space medical and resort offering a variety of services in the realm of healing, prevention and wellbeing. The medical center aims to become one of the hotspots of international space medical and tourism targeting those who are in need preventive care.

Development Phases
Each investor who invests in any building will be free to decide if they use it as a sanatorium, clinic, wellness or family orientated hotel, as long as their decision makes sense to the subordinated tourism strategy of AMC. To attract space tourism, medical and wellness clients, it should be taken into consideration that a well balanced medical and wellness product-mix needs to be established.

Medical and wellness travellers who are searching for healthy treatments during their stay in a tourism destination are also looking for a wide variety of lifestyle and entertainment activities. Such additional activities enrich and sharpen the competitiveness of the tourism destination. In the following section, we describe some of our ideas for products to be offered in AMC.

Development Phases – Infrastructure Phase 1

The coordination of the proposed development concept for AMC has to be coordinated on the political and the marketing site. In cooperation with the authorities, we propose the formation of a AMC Development Company, owned by the State (or State and Partnership Fund), which will coordinate all public authority responsibilities and activities, including the privatisation of the buildings and all related financial aspects. 

  1st Development Phase (2-4 years)    
  - Medical Center (30 beds)
- Ground Transportation System
- 3 Hospitality Resort 
- Control Center
- Laboratory & Microgravity Center
- 10 Luna Villa
- Accommodation
- Falak Center & International School

2nd Development Phase (3-6 years)

  - Additional Medical Center (20 beds)
- 2 Hospitality Resort
- Tropical Garden 
- 10 Luna Villa
- Live Dome Screen Telecast with Zero Gravity Flight Cabin

3nd Development Phase (6-10 years)

  - Product Commercialization Outlet
- College & Junior High School

- Hotel with Conference and Meeting Facilities
- Space Medical Theme Park

The Patient Room of the Future

Hospital administrators have long known that every time a patient is moved, staff care and continuity is interrupted, and positive patient outcomes are reduced.  Traditionally, patients have been moved three to four times per hospital stay, depending on acuity.

Patients can stay in one room from intensive care to discharge, as connections for essential equipment are in every patient room. New patient rooms are designed with improved and expanded infrastructure and technology, and are also designed to help keep nurses closer to patients meaning each room has nearly identical layout and infrastructure, resulting in more clarity for nurses.

The patient rooms are connected to nature by views, landscaped balconies, and natural light, reflecting studies that show patients heal more quickly with access to natural settings.  Additionally, patients have control over artificial lighting, temperature, and relative privacy in their rooms.

AMC Concept
The Advantage of Zero Gravity & Tranquil Space Environment to  Medical & Health Improvement.