Health Clearance for Space Tourists

Space tourism is not far from becoming reality and this means that at some point in the near future doctors may expect patients to ask questions and request clearance processes for space travel. The end of the space shuttle era did not end investments in space travels, with new initiatives  aiming to make spaceflight available not only for trained astronauts, but also for (wealthy) tourists.

Therefore, doctors must be prepared to better understand how special conditions such as pacemakers or diseases like osteoporosis are affected by microgravity. Even less severe symptoms such as motion sickness and loss of appetite, common among fully trained astronauts, could represent a risk for less experienced space travellers.


Fundamental of Concept

Fundamental research, towards a better understanding of the human organism and its survival and wellbeing under the harsh conditions of space flight, contributes to the improvement of human health in space as well as on the ground. 

Fundamental research contributes also to the development of biomedical instrumentation and tools useful for the improvement of health both in extreme and normal conditions terrestrially.

Studying the adaptation of the human body to weightlessness provides a unique opportunity: being free from the gravity factor that is confounding and can mask discreet and/or too subtle effects: for example diffusion processes are of order of magnitudes smaller than convection effects; thus isolating diffusion from convection is always a challenging task on Earth while in microgravity convection no longer exist. 


- Medical Center
- Laboratory
- Clean Room
- Cold Storage
- Ground Transportation System
- Control Station on Live Dome Screen Telecast with Zero-G Flight Cabin
- Accommodation for Scientist & Researchers
- Training & Medical Certification Center
- Product Commercialization Outlet
- Junior High School

AMC Concept
The Advantage of Zero Gravity & Tranquil Space Environment to  Medical & Health Improvement.